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Process of establishment of protection society
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Kushiro City “Tancho” Red-Crowned Crane Protection Association

写真の二次使用は禁止します (c)Miyuki Kawase

conducted by the Akan International Tsuru Center, which was established for the purpose of research, research and educational activities of the crane while developing the conservation activities of the Tanzuru Crane. It is assumed.

Conduct feeding and monitoring activities to protect goats
We hold study society, observation society, exhibition about vine
Publish publications of newsletters and commentary
Cooperate in the business activities of Akan International Tsuru Center
It becomes reception desk of volunteer involved in activity of Akan International Crane Center
In addition, we carry out activities to save the monuments of Tanzoku Tsuru Ondo and Tancho Esoteric Birth

On this website, we introduce activities and documents of Kushiro City Tancho Tsuru Tsukaikai, links with local communities, events, etc. and update them as needed. We update and send out the contents of activities of Kushiro City Tancho Tsuru Koshikai at any time even on Facebook.

About the photograph, the image of the Tanzen crane in this site, secondary use strict prohibition is, so please be careful.