Red-Crowned Crane of the program will be broadcast

NHK Archives “Living with Japanese cranes” will be broadcast on February 12.

Channel: [Overall]
February 12, 2017 (Sunday) 1:50 pm-3:00 pm (70 minutes)

Program contents
National natural monument Japanese crane. Kushiro Marsh, a winter feature. Introducing a 30-year-old program that followed a man (Ryoharu Takahashi) who works on artificial breeding, and discusses the past and future of Japanese crane protection.

The national natural monument Japanese crane. At this time, Kushiro Marsh is a winter feature that looks for food in search of food. In the past, it was endangered due to development and overfishing since the Meiji era, but as a result of the steady protection activities of the public and private sectors, such as feeding to compensate for the lack of food in winter, the people of Kushiro now have about 1800 birds. It increased to. The program introduces a 30-year-old program that followed a man (Ryoji Takahashi) who is working on protecting red-crowned cranes, and talks about the future of Japanese cranes so far.

Performers and others
[Cast] Comedy entertainer (Kokorico) … Naoki Tanaka, Kushiro City Zoo Researcher, Japanese crane, Fumio Matsu, [Caster] Miyuki Morita

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