Terms concerning the handling of the image crane

Terms for posting photos

● Regarding the posted photos · The size of the image file that accepts posts is 2MB or less, and the file format is JPEG and PNG only.
・ We will not post photos taken from places that are prohibited from entering, photos that show prohibited places, and other pictures that are against public order and morals.

● Relationship of rights ・ Responsibility of contributor ・ ・ ・ All photos submitted by the author agree with all of the author and copyright holder.
・ When posting, please submit after having processed and confirmed all rights such as the copyright of the work and the portrait right of the subject.
・ When trouble occurs in the submitted work, the association takes no responsibility.

● About the handling of the contribution work ・ In the website operated by the association, events hosted by the association, printed materials issued by the association and other public relations activities of the association, the composition can be used without prior permission for all the right holders related to the contribution. . Also, please be aware that we may use the submitted work as a secondary image as an image.