At the window for food and donations

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At the window for feeding and donations

Since the success of feeding by Yamazaki Seijiro in the winter of 1955, the number of tanchos has been increasing year by year, but at that time the government’s response to feeding was not enough, relying on the good will of the local farmers and children I did not get
That’s why the Tsur Club was born at Akan Junior High School, and it was a valuable role for children in feeding and research. The school club activities led by the school principal, Mr. Oi, will be broadcast nationwide on the NHK TV children’s program “Here, One Park TV Station”, as mentioned in the separate section on the Akan Junior High School’s Tsuru Club.
In this broadcast, the members of the Tsuru Club complained from their experiences that “the food is poor and the creep is poor.”
Two days later, Keiko Nezuka in Mihoro-cho sent 10 kilograms of corn and received a great response throughout the country, and the food and donations received over several months reached 600 cases. is there.
Since then, each year, people from around the country, including Fujinosawa Elementary School in Sapporo, come from Akan Junior High School, Town Board of Education, and Kushiro Education Bureau from individuals and groups throughout the country, the interest in tancho protection has grown nationwide. .

As Akan Junior High School, I immediately issued a booklet “Japanese Cranes” which summarized the study of the history of their activities and the ecology of the cranes, and I thanked them, but I am thankful for the treatment and the return of the presents gathered like a mountain I was hurt, and I could not keep my hands rolling.
Under such circumstances, the Tancho Crane Protection Society was born, and it was decided to also receive food and donation windows. The gift of food from all over the country will continue for several years, but soon after its launch, it was broadcasted by some television stations saying that the favorite food of the Tancho is “tea glass”, “hospital roundabouts” The “tea glass” with a letter attached to it came to be sent in a large cardboard box, and the office was made to dance tenteco to issue a thank-you letter describing the circumstances.
Therefore, I sent it to the town where there is a Nemuro where the swan is coming by truck several times, but it will be refused as well, and finally it is a complicated problem that I can not convey the love to the crane. I did not feel sorry for those who sent me with good intentions this time, though I was disposed of with feeling.
Even so, I’m really surprised at the high interest in Tancho and the many friendly people. Good intentions for the vine still continue, but among others, parent Ota Ms. of Kushiro Makiba Youth Hostel appeals to visiting visiting visits for the butterfly, and its purification is continuously sent to the protection society every year since 1949. The amount reached 194,000 yen in December.
In addition, two companies, Kamo Tsuru Sakezo (headquarters, Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture) and Nippon Seishu (headquarters, Sapporo City), which bear the trade name of Tsuru, are making a large donation every year since their establishment in 1940. Regular flights of love are being continued, saying “in part of the generation.”
These clean goods are valuable resources for protection activities, and it has been possible to develop steady activities until now because of their support.

Expand protection activities widely

When the protection society was launched, the expectation and role as a group to directly protect tanchos was great.
The people who come to visit Tanchow, including entrusting the cultivation of feeding fields of Tanchow to farmhouses, building the loach aquaculture ponds to secure small fish in winter, surveying the flying situation by the association, and Insisted on the establishment of an observation facility in order to protect the panther from the influence of the government, and a steady protection movement was developed such as making a reserve for it in the meeting budget.
One of the remarkable achievements of the 16 years of the movement since its inception is that the Tori-ichi area has been designated as the “Akan Bird Conservation Area” since October 1982. It has been the result of a long period of exercise.
This is concerned about the impact of the gun on the tancho, there are several incidents by hunters that can not be concluded, but as a result of strongly working with the reserve designation because of several incidents by the hunters, about 5 A hectare has been designated as a wildlife sanctuary, which will further enhance environmental protection.
Conventionally, this designation has mainly focused on forest fields, but in the case of Akan-cho, it is unique in terms of wide area designation including urban areas and farmers, and its future operation and effect are expected.

The circle of activity to the whole country

From the outset, protection groups were organized with representatives of local officials involved in Tancho protection. It has the character of a guiding institution of protection.
Because there is a limit in terms of finance and activity, therefore, a support meeting system was established from 1982.
This was a major aim of the system to seek out support activities and support to bird lovers in the whole country and around the town for protection activities, and at the same time to promote the spread of Tancho protection ideas.
In order to work widely and widely, we needed a well-meaning supporter who understood and supported the purpose of the meeting.
Showa started recruiting from the end of December, 56, and a total of 92 items for 84 yen per share were offered at 3,000 yen per share and offered cooperation as a member.
People from Kyushu, including the local Kushiro city, in the distance, offered to join as well.
In the future, it is hoped that more people with “Pride that I am participating in Tancho Protection” will continue in this protection activity, and that the protection idea for Tancho will spread more nationwide. It is hoped that this will reduce the act of malicious photographers who threaten the habitat of the tancho, which is now a problem.

Teruo Sato, Executive Secretary of the Society for the Safeguards Than “People who dedicated to their protection”