Red-crowned Craneobservation center

Red-crowned Craneobservation center

Opening hours / 8: 30-16:30 (November-January until 16:00)

Opening period / closed from November 1st to March 31st



Entrance hall
There is a comprehensive guide on the temple and a rest corner. Also, in winter, you can operate the TV camera yourself and record the beautiful figure of the tan butterfly in the video as it is and bring it back.

You can freely browse the collection of domestic and foreign literature and video materials, including pictorial books, photographs and research papers related to cranes and other birds such as tongue butterflies.

Museum shop
It is a corner that sells learning materials and postcards related to the temple.

Lecture room
It is used for research meetings, lectures and study meetings on the ecology and protection of the crane.

Video corner
We introduce original image which summarized figure of the four seasons of the tongue butterfly and the life in 15 minutes on a large screen of 200 inches.
The state of the tongue butterfly is vividly drawn. Research specialists in the Research Building are studying the ecology, behavior, and physiology of Tancho. At times, you can also visit the magic mirror to see how it is hatched.

Exhibition corner
Using panels, images and photo CDs, we introduce the life, ecology, and relationships with people of Tancho. In addition, information about the temples and computer quiz are also available.

Outdoor breeding shop
There are 3 types of rearing cages outside. You can see the shape of the Tancho close to the natural state all year round.