Kushiro City Tancho Crane Protection Association By-law

(Name and office)
Article 1 This meeting is the Kushiro City Tancho Crane Protection Association, and places an office in the Kushiro City Akan International Tsuru Center.

(the purpose)
Article 2 This association works on the conservation activities of cranes and other cranes, and cooperates with the business activities conducted by the Kushiro City Akan International Crane Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Tsur center”), and protects the crane and the cranes. The purpose is to contribute to the development of coexisting areas.

Article 3 In order to achieve the purpose of the preceding article, this group will carry out the business listed in the following items in close contact with the Crane Center.
(1) Thing about protection activity such as feeding, monitoring of tongue butterfly.
(2) Organize study sessions, exhibitions and other events related to the crane, and cooperate with these other events.
(3) Collect materials related to the crane, publish and distribute publications such as bulletins and commentary, and promote the protection of the crane.
(4) Cooperate in the work of the Crane Center.
(5) Training and utilization of volunteers.
(6) Thing about the spread of the Tanzuru Tsuru Ondo and the preservation of the Tancho Benevolence Birthplace Memorial.
(7) Other businesses necessary to achieve the purpose of this meeting.

Article 4 The members of this association shall be general members and corporate members, who will be in agreement with the purpose of this association, and shall participate in and support their business activities.

Article 5 The following officers will be placed at this meeting.
(1) 1 chairman
(2) Three Vice Presidents
(3) A few people
(4) Audit 2 people
(5) One Executive Secretary
(6) 1 person in total

(Election of officer)
Article 6 The President, Vice-Presidents, Directors and Auditors shall be elected on the occasion, and the Executive Secretary and the Treasurer shall be commissioned by the President.

(Term of Officer)
Article 7 The term of office of officers shall be two years. However, reappointment does not prevent it. (2) The term of office of the officer elected by the substitution or increase of staff shall be the term of office of the predecessor or incumbent.

(Duty of officer)
Article 8 The President will represent this meeting and preside over the membership.
2 The vice-chairman assists the chairman.
3 The managing director takes over the duties of the president.
4 Audits audit the status of accounting and business execution.
5 Directors promote the operation and business of this meeting.
6 The Executive Secretary takes over the affairs of this meeting.
7 The treasurer takes over the general affairs director of this meeting.

(The secretariat and staff)
Article 9 A secretariat can be established to handle the affairs of this meeting, and staff can be placed.
2 The staff members are commissioned by the chairman and engaged in general affairs and accounting.

(Honorary chairman, adviser)
Article 10 An honorary chairman and adviser may be appointed at this meeting.
2) The chairman of the board of directors will decide on the commissioning of the honorary chairman and the advisor.

Article 11 The meetings of this meeting shall be a general meeting, an extraordinary general meeting, and a board of directors meeting.
2. The regular general meeting will be convened once a year by the chairman to discuss and decide on business plans, business reports, budgets, appointments of closing officers, determination of the amount of dues, changes to the constitution, and other important matters.
3 The extraordinary general meeting is convened by the president when the president deems it necessary or when there is a request for one-third or more of the members.
4 The General Assembly will consist of general members and corporate members.
5 The board of directors meeting can be held on a temporary basis when the chairman deems it necessary.
6 The meeting will be established by the attending members. The proceedings will be decided by a majority of the members present, and the chairperson will decide if the number is equal.

(Payment fee)
Article 12 The annual fee for this meeting is as follows.
(1) One general member 2,000 yen
(2) One corporate member 10,000 yen

(Remuneration of officers and staff)
Article 13 No compensation is paid to the staff of this meeting. However, the expenses can be reimbursed.
2 Full-time staff can be paid.
The amount of wages and travel expenses etc. of the staff will be determined separately.

(Expenses and fiscal year)
Article 14 Expenses of this meeting are paid with dues revenue, donations, subsidies, business income.
2 The fiscal year of the meeting begins on April 1 each year and ends on March 31 of the following year.

Article 15 In addition to the matters specified in this meeting, matters necessary for the operation of the main meeting shall be separately determined by the chairman after a resolution of the board of directors.

Addendum 1. This Constitution shall come into effect as from November 30, 1940.
2. The Constitution will be partially revised from April 24, 1991 and enforced.
3. This Constitution will be fully amended and enforced from April 5, 1996.
4. The Constitution will be partially revised from April 22, 1998.
5. The Constitution will be partially revised from April 26, 1999.
6. The Constitution will be partially revised from April 24, 2002.
7. This constitution will be partially revised from July 4, 2006.
8. This constitution will be partially revised and implemented from May 20, 2008.