Member recruitment

Akan International Tsuru Center: Free entry once (within the year)
Red beret: bathing ticket present, restaurant 10% discount
Kushiro Wetland Museum of Art: 10% off admission fee

How to apply for membership

Method of payment of fee
In case of postal transfer

Account Number: 02730-9-102187
Name of participant: Kushiro City Tancho Tsuru Protection Association
In case of bank transfer

Kushiro Shinkin Bank Akan Branch
Account item: Savings
Account Number: 0991527
Receptionist: Kushiro City Tancho Crane Protection Association
House: 23 Line 40, Akancho, Kushiro City
When you bring it

Housing: 23 Akan-cho, Kushiro-shi No. 40, Akan International Tsuru Center
Please bring it to the Kushiro City Akan Tancho Crane Protection Office Secretariat or Kushiro City Akancho 23 Line 38 No. Kushiro Wetland Museum of Art.
※ Become a member after payment is confirmed and a membership card will be issued.

Currently, there is less food for cranes. Thank you for your cooperation.
Recruitment of Tanzen volunteer registrants

Commentary such as exhibition facilities in Kushiro-shi Akan international Tsuru center main building, annex
Environment improvement of Kushiro-shi Akan international crane center and flying ground and roost of the Tancho
We hold a class every year for volunteers
If you wish to register as a volunteer, please check the volunteer registration form on the payment slip.