Process of establishment of protection society

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Tancho Crane

The summer of 1955 was a cold summer and crops in the Kushiro region were poor. The field crops in Akan Town were also poor, and in particular, the corn for prey on the tanchos was particularly badly harvested. Not enough food can be supplied to the cranes that have been flying, and NHK will know nationwide that there is a problem with food shortages in feeding activities for Tsuru Club members at Akan Junior High School, and will broadcast nationwide, and feeding activities and flying spots for Tsuru Club members The state of food shortage was recorded on TV.

January 8, 1984, a program for children at 6 o’clock in the evening, “This, One Park Television Station” was televised. Responses from TVs are large, and many people, such as corn, loach, and other items that feed on old-school children, individuals, schools, groups, etc., are sent from children who love tanchos, and to Mr. Kamozuru Shuzo, addressed to Akan Junior High School Tsuru Club. Letters and cash were sent to people daily, saying, “Please save the crane crane. For feeding”, and reached 700 cases at the end of November 1965.

The Tsuru Club staff at that time also consulted with the principal and teacher, and reached the limit of acceptance and feeding as a school, so I visited the town social education chairperson Yoshimi Katsumi who was also the PTA chairman and consulted on measures . According to the teacher’s crane diary, “See the Ministry of Culture plan to cultivate a private group for cultural property protection in the Mainichi Shimbun on November 8 and there is a limit to the protection of tongue butterflies by students. Necessary measures (for example, borrowing problems of cane fields for feeding, etc., and the use of the Tsuru Foundation of good intentions, etc.), consult with the Town Councilor, Fujisawa Professor, made the original draft of the Akan Town Tancho Tsuru Kaikai, and made the draft representative A social welfare committee consisting of elementary and junior high school chiefs and feeders in the Tokai area was established, led by Mr. Katsumi Yoshida of the Social Education Committee. The date was November 30, 1940.

At that time, there was a crane crane protection group in Kushiro area, but in the case of Akan-cho, it was already fed personally at the local airfield. Appointed as Akan Junior High School Chief in April The activities of the Tsuru Club formed by the proposal of the principal of Kenji Oi were clearly evaluated by educators and the media, and the principals of each successive generation succeeded, and the teachers and students have continued their activities from their love for the crane. The name of the society is if there is a support cooperation of people who love tancho cranes of the whole country who have been sent bait and food charges for “goods for the local volunteer, teachers, students’ love” and “feed for the vine”. The name was given in mind that it was a successful meeting.

People in good intentions who saved food shortages of the tongue-bills have been issued a letter of thanks from the “Tanchowuru-no-Sato” issue, and it is not a return of the cranes that they want to know more about the tongue-chessed. It is as soon as the “Tsuru” was issued.